Permanent ground water treatment

Once an infrastructure project has been completed, some degree of ground water infiltration will continue to occur. Flows will be considerably reduced, however, with the absence of construction water, the concentration of contaminants may be high.

It is not uncommon to find naturally occurring iron and manganese present in elevated concentrations in ground water, but also more harmful substances such as chlorinated hydrocarbons, arsenic, ammonia and PFAS in regions of industrial activity.

The necessary treatment process in each case depends upon the contaminants that are present, but permanent ground water treatment plants will generally comprise a form of clarification followed by various filtration, adsorption or ion exchange processes to ensure compliance with the regulatory authorities.

Hydroflux has designed and built numerous ground water treatment plants system to handle a variety of substances using its proprietary clarifiers or dissolved air systems, and packaged filtration or ion exchange processes. Sludge removed by the ground water treatment plant is usually dewatered using one of Hydroflux’s range of screw presses or filter presses.

Our treatment plants are proven in the following applications:

Construction Water

With the unprecedented number of tunnels either completed, under construction, or in the planning stages throughout Australia, infrastructure professionals are…

Conventional packaged sewage treatment plants or containerised MBR systems are available via Hydroflux Epco.


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