Spare Parts

Spare parts are an important feature of logistics management. 

For businesses operating wastewater treatment plants, it is important that the plant operates reliably and meets its performance expectations at all times. In many industrial operations, operation of the wastewater treatment plant is critical to the production process. 

To ensure that your wastewater treatment plant operates reliably, in addition to engaging Hydroflux Utilities to conduct regular service and maintenance on the plant, it is essential to understand each component of your treatment plant and implement back-up systems in case of part failure.

Failure of some components in a wastewater treatment plant will prevent the treatment plant from operating. In some cases, spare parts can be sourced quickly preventing disruption to the process operations, however failure of a critical item that cannot be repaired immediately can ultimately incur considerable cost on your business.

Hydroflux® has a vast amount of experience in the management of wastewater systems and can review entire wastewater treatment plants. We have the ability and experience to review all major components of the plant and would generally break each component down into one of the following categories

Critical spare parts – these which should be held on site in stock. Failure of any one of these components will result in the plant not functioning which is detrimental to the factory operations. Critical spare parts are not available off the shelf or locally and it can take several days or even weeks for the part to be available.

Non critical spare parts– Failure of a non critical spare part will result in less significant problems with the wastewater plant. Generally it would be deemed that such failure will have a minor impact on the wastewater treatment plant but no impact on the overall factory operations. Failure of a non-critical spare part may require additional operation or monitoring until that part can be replaced.

Based on plant history, we are also able to determine the likelihood of failure of components and make recommendations to you for stocking spare parts on site.
Hydroflux Utilities service does not stop at the plant review but we can supply and replace any component of your wastewater treatment plant.