Lamella Clarifier  

Hydroflux has a fleet of lamella Clarifiers across the country design to efficiently separate solids from water streams in a small footprint. 

Hydroflux HiFlow lamella separators is a mobile and robust high-rate solids separation process that is 1/10th of the physical footprint as compared to a conventional circular clarifier or sedimentation pond. It is used as a primary clarifier in the construction and mining industry, to clean dirty water to a level that is acceptable to discharge.


  • Construction sites 
  • Mine sites 
  • Industrial sites 
Equipment details and installation

The HiFlow is a pre-assembled, modular, high-rate clarification system ready to immediately clarify dirty and silty water. The system requires no power or water supply to function, simply a feed of dirty water.  

  • Dimensions (m): 2.5 (l) x 1.2 (w) x 2.5 (h) 
  • Dry Weight: 2.05 MT 
  • Forklift pockets for ease of placement.  
  • 100mm entry and exit ports (bolted flange).  
Principle of operation

The HiFlow lamella separator increases the rate of settlement of fine clay particles, through a series of inclined plates, which increases the effective settling area. As the dirty water enters the clarifier, the solid particles begin fall onto the inclined plate surface, where they slide by gravity down to a sludge collection hopper. The sludge is then drawn off the bottom of the hopper, and the clarified, near solid free water flows through the opening and exists at the top of the lamella.