Containerised Sludge Dewatering

Containerised Sludge Dewatering

The Hydroflux Utilities complete dewatering plant is one of the most advanced rental containerised dewatering systems available on the market.

The robust design of the HUBER screw press, coupled with low energy consumption and low maintenance requirements means that the rental plant is easily maintained even in locations with limited accessibility for operators

The screw press provides a simple, high performance system that offers an attractive life cycle value compared to centrifuges or belt presses.

The plant is specifically tailored to operate in the most remote areas without mains power (generator required).

The heart of the Hydroflux Utilities dewatering container is a HUBER RoS3Q 440.2 inclined screw press, which is capable of operating with a sludge capacity ranging of up to 5000 L/hr, depending on the application.

Designed to dewater all types of:

  • Industrial & municipal sludges
  • Primary sludges (from DAF or clarifier)
  • Secondary sludges (aerobic, anaerobic, WAS)
  • Clay & mud-based sludges (construction, excavation)
  • Greasy sludges (grease-trap, rendering)
  • High-pH sludges (lime based, metal hydroxide)

Some features of the system include:

  • Containerised system for easy mobilisation/demobilisation
  • Robust, fully enclosed stainless steel HUBER inclined screw press dewatering system
  • Simple plug-n-play system – easy connect of power, water and sludge
  • Can operate at constant feed OR constant pressure – your choice
  • VSD controlled sludge pump
  • Fully automatic operation, including automatic polymer batching and flow-paced dosing
  • State-of-the-art VSD controlled inline mixing allow very high strength polymer application while optimising sludge flocculation – minimises water consumption
  • Conveyor system to allow sludge to be dropped into a bin
  • Monitoring and logging of all water, polymer and sludge flows
  • Monitoring and logging of power consumption
  • Wash water storage tank and booster pump system, to simplify operation in locations with low water supply pressure
  • Remote monitoring via the Hydroflux HyCONNECT™ platform
  • Optional reverse osmosis system, to pre-treat polymer make-up water in locations with high TDS, high hardness or high alkalinity
  • Optional 10 kL conical-bottom sludge feed tank with level sensor, to buffer thin-sludge supply from your pond or process
  • Optional pontoon, submersible sludge pump and floated pipework for extracting thin-sludge from a pond or lagoon
  • Optional grinder unit to plumb into thin-sludge line prior to the containerised dewatering plant, for reducing entangled, fibrous, textile, sanitary items etc.
System Details
Utilities has a fully containerised system available for trials or rental.

The system is fully containerised and fitted with a HUBER RoS3Q Size 440 system and all the required ancillary components and the HUBER RoS3Q Size 440 system can process up to 220 kg/h of dry solids, or up to 5000 L/h of sludge.

The containerised system is fitted with the following:

  • HUBER Screw Press Q-PRESS® 440.2
  • Screw press feed pump (500–5000 L/hr)
  • Automatic emulsion polymer preparation unit
  • Flow-paced (30–300 L/hr) prepared polymer dosing pump
  • HUBER inline sludge/prepared-polymer mixing unit
  • Potable (mains) water booster pump
  • Secondary dilution water pump (for sludge or polymer)
  • Supernatant (sump) pump
  • Interior lighting, exhaust fan
  • Air compressor, retractable water hose
  • Container-wide channel-and-grate drainage
  • Remote log-in and operation (via mobile network)
  • Usage recording of power, each potable water line, prepared polymer, and feed sludge volumes
  • Additional 3 x 3-phase 4-pin 20 Amp power outlets
  • Additional 4 x 1-phase 10 Amp power outlets
  • 3-metre conveyor to move dewatered sludge
Dimensions and Installation requirements

A lowerable container truck with twistlocks for ISO containers is ideal for transportation. The container must be lifted at the four upper corner fittings only.

The installation place must meet the following requirements:

  • Flat surface ≈ 8 x 5 metres (for 20 foot container)
  • Floor loading capacity ≈ 8,000 kg
  • Potable water ≈ 500 L/hr
  • 3-phase power ≈ max. draw up to 36 Amps (connect via containers 50 Amp 5-pin inlet socket)
  • Ability to remove spadable sludge
  • Somewhere to pump the supernatant

Length: 6100mm
Width: 2500mm
Height: 2800mm

Control system
The panel contains a 6” HMI whereby full control is provided for the entire dewatering system, including the polymer plant.