Mobile Auto-Sampler

Hydroflux Utilities has a fleet of automatic water samplers across the country, equipped for use in any sampling application.

Analysis of accurate and representative water and wastewater samples provides invaluable information for compliance, project planning and plant performance monitoring. Many plants have a high degree of variation in water quality and flow, so obtaining a true snapshot of water quality can be difficult.

Sampling at high frequency over an extended period of time enables a flow and quality profile to be established. This provides real data on proportions of specific contaminants in the wastewater, so plant equipment can be designed to achieve site-specific discharge limits.

As part of Hydroflux Utilities support program for our customers, we offer monthly compliance monitoring for discharge water (e.g. trade waste, irrigation, river discharge). By bundling this task with routine service visits from Hydroflux specialists, we can ensure that your wastewater plant is consistently working to specification.


  • Discharge compliance monitoring
  • Project planning and justification
  • Performance monitoring for solids and nutrient removal
  • Assessing the health of microbiological treatment systems
  • Process water quality monitoring
Equipment details
  • Available with either discrete or composite sample bottles
  • 5-20 m suction tubing included
  • Strainer on suction tubing to prevent ingress of large particles
  • ABS plastic outer casing with UV resistant coating
  • Automatic air and liquid purge before and after sample collection
  • Pump calibration and liquid detection sensor ensures accurate sample volumes
  • 5 m maximum suction lift
  • Insulated base holds 13 kg of ice for sample cooling (if required)
Installation and operational requirements


When choosing an area to position the sampler, the following should be considered:

  • Close to the sample water source
  • Access to power and flow monitoring (if required)
  • Out of direct sunlight (where possible) to keep samples cool
  • Availability of ice for sample cooling (depends on analysis to be completed)

Dimensions and weight

51 x 51 x 69 cm (L x W x H)

16.5 kg

Service requirements

Power supply: 240 V / 50 Hz – 15 amp

If flow-dependant sampling is required, an appropriate flow monitoring signal plug is required for the sampler to plug into.