Polymers – HYDRABOND®

The HYDRABOND® range of polymer based flocculants are the most comprehensive range of flocculants available. They are specifically formulated to cost effectively treat raw water and industrial wastewater streams thus ensuring you get the best result at the lowest cost. 

If your wastewater treatment plant uses polymer based flocculants, you need to be assured that you are using the most suitable flocculants to achieve your goals.

Hydroflux Utilities are the specialists in water and wastewater polymer based flocculants and have over the years sought out or formulated the very best high strength polymers for water and wastewater treatment. We have cationic, anionic and non ionic polymers available as a liquid emulsion or in a dry powdered, granular or bead form.

We stock a wide range of charge densities (5% to 80%) and a wide range of molecular weights (medium to ultra high) including cross-linked as well as GRAS approved polymers. Thus we have the right polymer to suit almost any application. Furthermore, we have the on-site experience across every industry group, so we can help you choose the best polymer for your application. Pack sizes available are 25L or 25kg, 200L, 1000L and bulk tanker delivery.

Please give us a call on 1300 417 697 or email on [email protected] and one of our professional team will happily demonstrate how we can save you significant cost and greatly improve the performance of your water or wastewater treatment plant.

Some of our most common products are listed below (please click the product to download product bulletin). Please feel free to watch our informative technical video presentation on coagulation & flocculation processes.

If you would like a Safety Data Sheet (formerly known as a Material Safety Data Sheet) on one of our water or wastewater polymers, or you would like a demonstration on how you can lower costs and improve performance, then please give us a call on 1300 417 697 or email us at [email protected]

Correct polymer selection will save $ and improve the performance of your process
Polymer based flocculants are commonly used in water and wastewater treatment plants and there are often many different types that will appear work on any given water or wastewater stream. However, of those variety of workable polymers, it is likely that one of the polymers will outperform the others in terms of cost and performance. This is especially true if the polymer is prepared correctly and then added in the most suitable location to optimise mixing while minimising floc break up.

Hydroflux Utilities offers a full range of polymer based flocculants suitable for a variety of flocculation processes and we will always ensure that the optimum polymer is found. Our polymer based flocculants are ideal for all aspects of water and wastewater treatment, as well as for sludge processing and dewatering.

Our specialist areas including food and beverage, pulp & paper, mining, oil & gas, biofuels, raw water and drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment and solids dredging.