Rental Equipment

Tailored Support and Expertise

When you choose Hydroflux Utilities, you not only get access to top-quality equipment but also benefit from our expert guidance on how to operate and service the rented machinery. Our dedicated team provides ongoing support throughout the duration of your rental, making sure you have everything you need to manage your wastewater treatment plant effectively.

Long-Term Rental Options Available

Hydroflux Utilities offers extensive long-term rental options for a comprehensive range of equipment tailored to wastewater treatment. These solutions come with the necessary operational support, chemicals, and consumables to effectively tackle any issues that arise, ensuring continuous operational efficiency.

Streamline Your Wastewater Treatment Operations

Managing wastewater treatment plants can be complex, particularly when critical equipment requires overhauls or immediate fixes are necessary for issues like failed monitoring systems, overloaded digesters, or faulty chemical dosing equipment.

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Rental Equipment Products

Lamella Clarifier  

Hydroflux has a fleet of lamella Clarifiers across the country design to efficiently separate solids from water streams in a...

Containerised Sludge Dewatering

Containerised Sludge Dewatering The Hydroflux Utilities complete dewatering plant is one of the most advanced rental containerised dewatering systems available...

Surface Diffuser cleaning system

An efficient, simple, and cost-effective way to clean membrane diffusers Rising head pressure due to sedimentation of mineral/biological scale on...

Mobile Auto-Sampler

Hydroflux Utilities has a fleet of automatic water samplers across the country, equipped for use in any sampling application. Analysis...

Rental chemical dosing systems

Hydroflux Utilities understands that during the life of a project or operation, different challenges related to water/waste or odor will...