Product News

Supporting Partnerships in PNG: From Coffee Growing to Sewage Treatment

May 30, 2024

At the core of sustainable development is an often-unsung hero right at the end of the list: UNSDG 17 Partnerships...

HyPURE® – Mitigating Pain Points for Industrial Customers

May 21, 2024

Industrial manufacturers rely on a source of water to enable the production of goods, as well as perform clean in...

Modular Inlet Works System for Ōpōtiki WWTP

May 9, 2024

In the last eighteen months Hydroflux has delivered over twenty (20) inlet works packages to sewage treatment plants located all...

RoadTrain® Packaged Plants – Proof of Circular Economic Value

April 30, 2024

Many treatment solutions in the decentralised wastewater market are not designed with sustainability in mind from a circular economic perspective....

Paxton WWTW – Another MBR Pre-screening Installation for Hydroflux

April 18, 2024

The Paxton Wastewater Treatment Works (WWTW) serves the townships of Paxton, Ellalong and Millfield. The treatment plant process 430kL per...

HUBER Inclined Screw Press – Two Decades of Application Knowledge

April 16, 2024

It was twenty years ago that the first HUBER Inclined Screw Press made its way into Australia as a part...

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