Real Time Remote Monitoring

April 7, 2020

HyCONNECT® is a remote connection facility utilised by the Hydroflux Group to provide advanced support to our clients. This facility provides our experienced wastewater technicians and engineers 24/7 real time access to our client’s treatment plant control system.

The features of the HyCONNECT® system include a Secure Remote Login to HMI screens or SCADA for complete operation and monitoring including:

  • WWTP Operation by Hydroflux or Client Staff
  • Plant Operational Assistance
  • Fault Diagnosis and Correction
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Secure Remote Login to PLC for program changes (after commissioning these are managed via our change control system).
  • SMS Alarm notification to Hydroflux service technicians

The HyCONNECT® system utilises an Ethernet Modem Router utilising a secure VPN. The system requires a valid signal (enhanced antennas available) and access through client’s firewall if installed.

HyCONNECT® is available for all wastewater treatment plants and processes. Please call us on 1300 417 697 to enquire about Hydroflux HyCONNECT® suitability for your plant.

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