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Plant Optimisation

Wastewater treatment plant optimisation is by far the most unrecognised asset in the operation of a wastewater treatment plant, yet it represents the single biggest opportunity for performance improvement and reducing operating costs.

Performance Audits

Performance Audits by Hydroflux Utilities are a solution that help businesses improve the efficiency of their wastewater treatment plants.

Plant Operation

Hydroflux Utilities is a leader in the operation of wastewater treatment plants. Engaging Hydroflux Utitlies to operate your wastewater treatment plant will allow you to focus on your core business operations.

Education & Training

Hydroflux’s team of water and wastewater professionals would like to share with you a series of technical video presentations designed to expand the knowledge base of plant engineers and municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plant operators.


Wastewater is one of the most important environments to monitor. Increasingly strict regulations require cleaner wastewater discharges into both watercourses and into sewer systems.