Hydroflux Utilities has one of the most comprehensive range of flocculants available. Choose from either our HYDRAPRIME or HYDRABOND range of chemicals to ensure you get the most cost effective solution for your industrial water and wastewater treatment. 

In water treatment the term flocculant refers to any chemical that can help clear your water. This means that both coagulants and polymers can be called flocculants.

A coagulant is usually the first chemical that is added in water clarification processes. After adding a coagulant, pin sized flocc particles are produced. To help make the flocc larger in size so that it will separate more easily from the water, a second chemical is added and this is usually a polymer (a long chained organic molecule). The polymer helps to collect the pin sized particles together to create bigger floccs that either sink faster or are more easily floated in a DAF system.

If you are looking for coagulant chemicals such as alum, polyaluminium chlorides (PAC), iron based chemistries such as ferric sulphate or ferric chloride, or coagulants such as polyDADMAC’s and epiDMA’s, then please see our HydraPrime coagulant range. Click Here >>> HYDRAPRIME coagulants.

If you are looking for chemicals referred to as polymers, whether they be powders or beads, emulsion based or water based, please see our HydraBond polymer range. Click Here >>> HYDRABOND polymers.

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