Wastewater is one of the most important environments to monitor. Increasingly strict regulations require cleaner wastewater discharges into both watercourses and into sewer systems.

It is therefore essential that your sampling program provides you with the most accurate results to ensure that performance of your plant is properly measured and reported.

Hydroflux Utilities can provide comprehensive sampling programs to suit any wastewater treatment plant. We have the equipment and personal experienced in all types of sampling techniques.

We will always ensure that your samples are taken accurately and stored in a proper environment to mitigate any possibility of changes in sample composition between collecting and analysis.

We only use certified third party laboratories to conduct the analysis so you can be assured that the results truly reflect your plants operational conditions.

Hydroflux Utilities can provide full sampling programs including analysis reporting to the local authority.

Hydroflux Utilities are the experts in all aspects of plant operation maintenance and sampling.