Hydroflux Utilities have vast experience in treating all kinds of water for the electrical generation, transmission, and distribution industry.

Hydroflux Utilities covers the whole gambit of water treatment from chemistry, plant operation and operator training, sampling & analysis, spare parts, as well as plant audits and plant troubleshooting.

Our chemical, operational, mechanical and biological experience is second to none, so you can rest assured that when you are with Hydroflux® you will be achieving the lowest total cost of operation.

Our experience also extends to all kinds of operational plant & equipment including clarifier, DAF, inclined plate separators, multimedia filters, ultra filtration and reverse osmosis equipment, biological plants and lagoons, as well as sludge handling, chemical make-up and water quality monitoring systems.

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Power Stations

Hydroflux Utilities has extensive experience in water and wastewater treatment for the electrical generation, transmission, and distribution industry. From raw…

Electrical Substations

Electrical substations usually do not require, generate or discharge water, unless it is surface water ingress from a storm or…

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