Hydroflux Utilities has extensive experience in water and wastewater treatment for the Petrochemical industry. From raw inlet water to wastewater primary treatment, to biological processes and sludge management, to process water treatment including filtration systems and reverse osmosis as well as disinfection and antifoam applications. 

Hydroflux Utilities has extensive experience in water and wastewater treatment with downstream petrochemical plants, from primary treatment through to biological processes and complete sludge management, to in-process water treatment and water recycling.

Our services cover the whole gambit of water treatment, from the supply of chemistry, consumables and spare parts, sampling & analysis, to routine service, plant operation and operator training. Our experience and expertise is second to none, backed by some of the most clever and experienced technical minds in the business.

At Hydroflux Utilities, our team has experience both in Australia and in Asia with petrochemical plant water treatment. Our experience shows that each petrochemical plant has it’s own various unique processes that contribute to the final product, and that the final wastewater is a combination of water from these various locations and processes, thus providing a unique wastewater quality. We also understand that there are flow and load fluctuations from each source, and this makes the final wastewater quality vary throughout the production cycle. Furthermore, we know that accidents do happen and armed with this knowledge, our robust programs are always designed to consistently perform under all conditions.

Our complete knowledge of your process and understanding of your wastewater will ensure that all Hydroflux Utilities can assist on optimising your treatment plant.

Find below a list of our most commonly used chemical products as well as links to our whole chemical product range.